About us

Our company, Vladimir Centre of Tare LLC (ОOO «Владимирский Центр Тары»), was established in 2001. It deals with development, design and manufacturing of original glass bottles for both existing beverages and beverages that are planned to be produced in future.
Our Centre keens to satisfy all requirements and wishes of its customers. That is why it pays special attention to persistent line extension and diversification as well as quality improvement. For this purpose, Vladimir Centre of Tare LLC intensively monitors technological innovations in glass industry, implements up-to-date principles of quality control at all the stages of bottle manufacturing, uses profound experience and highest professional level of its staff, and obtained skills of custom tailored service.
Such an approach allows fast and efficient bottle’s design in accordance to customer’s requirements. Another priority of our company is design and manufacturing of a wide range of moulds for such bottle producing machines as    AL-118, AL-1110, BDF, BB-7, R-7, S-10 etc. Besides, our experts are always ready to give an advisory opinion on the glass bottle sealing, packing, decorating and using various protective coating.
Despite of the highest level of competition among Russian manufacturers of glass tare,  our quality, ecologically pure and inexpensive production was acknowledged by the leading enterprises of Russian alcohol and food manufacturing industry, such as:

  • “Khlebnaya Sleza LLC” (ООО «Хлебная Слеза»)
  • “Tom’ Extra LLC” (ООО «Томь-Экстра»)
  • “Cherepovets LVZ Ltd” (ОАО «Череповецкий ЛВЗ»)
  • “Zavod Pischevyh Produktov ‘Tonskiy’ Ltd” (ОАО «Завод пищевых продуктов «Томский»)
  • “Sordis LLC” (ООО «Сордис»)
  • “Mosoblalkogol’ LLC” (ООО Мособалкоголь)
  • “Bashspirt Ltd” (ОАО Башспирт)
  • “Zavod sortovyh vodok CJSC” (ЗАО Завод сортовых водок)
  • “Rosspirtprom Ltd” (ОАО Росспиртпром)
  • “Stavropol’skiy VKZ CJSC” (ЗАО Ставропольский ВКЗ)

The Centre’s authority and staff will be sincerely glad to see your company among their customers and kind friends! We are pretty sure that such a positive mood always leads to especially reliable and efficient collaboration.